EcoKind Pet Treats USA-Sourced Elk Antler Tips for Dogs (5-Pack)

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EcoKind Pet Treats USA-Sourced Elk Antler Tips for Dogs (5-Pack) Description

All-Natural Dog Chews Made Of USA-Sourced Antlers From Wild-Roaming Elk. Great Health Benefits And Dental Healthcare Nutrient For Your Dog, 5-Pack Of 4-7 Inch Chews At ‘EcoKind Pet Treats’ Elks Antlers Only Come From Antlers That Have Naturally Fallen From Elk. These Elks Antlers Tips Guarantee Best Results For Dog’s Natural Bones & Perfect Dog Treats. – Tested, Approved, & Guaranteed – At ‘EcoKind Pet Treats’ products are tested on pets before production so we know they will hold up to actual use by your pets. – – Dog Health Benefits – Calcium and phosphorous benefits teeth, magnesium aids in storing and releasing energy, potassium is good for muscle and nerve function, iron is essential for healthy blood cells, collagen is good for bones, cartilage, ligaments, glucosamine is good for joints and tissue, lipids are essential for overall development and growth. – – No Unnatural Ingredients – Elk Antler tips are single-ingredient dog chews which are absolutely free from any kind of additives, chemicals, and preservative. – – Natural Nutrients – The Antler Tips contain essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium, manganese, and iron. – – Dogs’ Natural Favorite – Dogs like to chew bones. This is natural healthy chews for the dogs. – – Digestible – The chews are fully digestible and the tough and natural texture is great for aggressive chewers. – – Dental Benefits – They provide dental benefits like massaging gums and removing tartar and plaque. – – Perfect Indoor Chew – Elk Antler tips leaves no greasy mess on floors and does not develop any odor that could disturb you and your family. Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Keep Your Pup Happy Indoor Or Outdoor With These Elk Antler Tips.

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