EzyDog Vario 6 Multi-Function Dog Leash with Snap Hook

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EzyDog Vario 6 Multi-Function Dog Leash with Snap Hook Description

Size:Lite  |  Color:Candy Product Description The EzyDog Vario 6 starts with our own proprietary super soft blend of nylon and reflective stitching. This leash can be used as a 5 foot leash, a 3 foot leash, a double dog leash, a hands-free leash as well as a short and long tether. The Standard size is for dogs over 26 lbs and the Lite for dogs under 26 lbs. The Vario 6 earns the title ‘Multi-Function’ by working as both a single dog leash and a double dog leash. It can convert from a 5-foot leash to a 3-foot leash. It even works as a 4-foot leash or a hands-free leash! That will certainly make running with your four-legged friend a lot easier. This dog lead also can be used as a short and long tether if you need to tie your pet up for a while. Versatile Vario 6 has various features*.Extra Comfort, Extra Security Even if you have a large, strong dog that doesn’t mean you need to carry around a heavy duty dog leash anymore. With the Vario 6 dog lead, you can have both extra comfort and extra security at the same time, because of the wonderfully soft 1-inch-wide nylon material the leash is made of, it is comfortable for your dog to wear and it is comfortable for you to hold. Let your pooch run and tug at the leash all they want, the smooth nylon grip will keep your hands from getting scraped up. Did We Mention How Safe It Is? The nylon material is not just soft; it is also durable. When we designed this cool dog leash, we decided to double up the nylon for added reliability, resilience, and security. We also added a strong snap hook to make the leash all the more dependable. Whether you have a team of huskies or one little Chihuahua, the Vario 6 leash will fit the job description perfectly. It’s light enough for a small dog, yet tough enough to hold a large, energetic dog as well. Vario 6 LITE The Vario 6 LITE dog leash is designed with our smaller friends in mind. This versatile 6-Way leash can convert a 6-foot long lead to a 3-foot traffic leash in seconds. Safety is important that’s why all of our Vario dog leashes are stitched with high visibility light reflective webbing. The Lite webbing comes in at only a 1/2-inch wide and you get a lightweight, strong leash that helps control those small, but quick little fellas. Vario 6 Multi-Function Leash’s Sizes Standard Vario 6 fits dogs over 40 poundsLITE Vario 6 fits dogs under 40 pounds *Vario 6 with Carabineer show. This version has a snap hook but they both have the same functions. Vario 6 is a hands-free wonder.Double up with the Vario 6.

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