FCS Freedom Surfboard Leash

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FCS Freedom Surfboard Leash Description

The FCS Freedom Leash is something entirely new, both visually and by the way it’s constructed. It’s a high tensile nylon yarn which is braided over an internal PU cord. The result is a thinner, lighter and stronger cord. Every other component on the new FCSFreedom Leash has been designed to complement the cord and enhance the user experience. We implemented new manufacturing techniques, and streamlined all the working parts to make them more hydrodynamic. In doing so we’ve reduced the overall weight and the number of potential break points experienced with traditional leashes. We conducted testing in a controlled environment and then called on our team of world class athletes to put the new leash through its paces. Through these tests we measured how the leash performed in a variety of conditions and the results and feedback were overwhelmingly positive.

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