Ion-Min Nutramin – 2 lb

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Ion-Min Nutramin – 2 lb Description

NUTRAMIN® is a premium brand of calcium montmorillonite manufactured by California Earth Minerals, with benefits for all types of animals of all sizes. NUTRAMIN contains chelated calcium needed for proper bone growth and strong joints. It will relieve joint pain and maintain healthy teeth and gums. It also contributes to healthy skin, nails, claws and coat. It is also widely known to soothe digestive functions and stimulate and support the immune system. NUTRAMIN removes fungus, yeast, bacteria and mycotoxins. Removal of toxins will help the liver and kidneys. NUTRAMIN improves fertility, easier birthing with higher survival rates and healthier offspring. Helps stop feather picking in birds. It aids in thicker, brighter feathers. The calcium and silicate in NUTRAMIN also produces harder egg shells. NUTRAMIN has been used safely for years as a nutritional supplement. It contains 57 macro, micro, and trace mineral nutrients essential for proper health maintenance. If hydrated to a paste, it can be used to relieve cuts, bites, stings and heal wounds. Follow the enclosed instructions on how much to give each type of animal. Doses are from less than a teaspoon to several teaspoons, depending on the size of animal. NUTRAMIN has no expiration date. NUTRAMIN comes from a subsurface mine in the arid Colorado Desert in Southern California. NUTRAMIN has been preserved in a hot, dry desert location many feet underground, protected from man-made contamination. NUTRAMIN is completely safe. To assure you of the highest quality product, we test and control the purity of our clay mineral compound and adhere to good manufacturing practices. NUTRAMIN is free of contaminants, pesticides, man-made chemicals, and additives.

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