Whelping Kit 12 for Dogs Puppies – Basic

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Whelping Kit 12 for Dogs Puppies – Basic Description

Digital thermometer to monitor mother’s temperature for predicting the whelp. Tail wrap for dogs tails to protect from draining fluids. 12 Velcro ID Bands to identify puppies. 12 absorbent disposable pads to put under mom. 12 pr. of disposable exam gloves for deliveries. 12 receiving cloths to grip and dry each puppy. Aspiration bulb to suction mucous from puppy’s airway, mouth, nose and throat. Stainless steel umbilical clamp to clamp umbilical cord (individually packaged.) Bandage scissors w/stainless steel blades w/blunt tips to cut umbilical cord (individually packaged.) Package of unwaxed dental floss 12 yards (36 feet) to tie off umbilical cords. 12 packets of Iodine prep pads for cut umbilical cords. Also included in your whelping kit… What’s Included in you kit sheet, Things to gather sheet, Temperature plotting sheet to predict the whelp within hours, Birth documentation chart, Weight chart for all puppies as they grow, Emergency contact sheet. Post-whelp temperature plotting sheet to help detect early warning signs of post whelp infection in the mother. ‘Refill kits’ available of consumable items puppies to replenish this kit for future litters. (colors/packaging may vary slightly from pictures)

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